Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kurdish poem - The Wounded City Of Halabja

The blaze and the fire of the city
Made me burn in and out of my body

The burns went on the bones very deeply
Seeing this horrible news shocked the world immediately

The airstrikes by chemical weapons in the air
Enormous shells blasted and rained everywhere

Dry and wet altogether melted and burnt on the ground
Brought the dark shadow of death all around

The dirty minded creatures of the Iraqi Fascist Army
Poisoned 5000 angels of the Lord and burnt them alive

How brutally they blew up the minds of innocent angels
The owners of spiritual thoughts from heaven

The criminal troops burnt the fireplaces of our Zoroastrian homeland
Burnt the holy book of Avesta, its words, women, men and its land

The black devil burnt the grave of the prophet frequently
The same savage of 13 centuries ago, un regretably

The same devil and unbelievers of the past, under Islam
Under the same title, and during the same battles

Their occupation of my homeland has no excuse, whatsoever
Under the umbrella of Islam, we were destroyed repeatedly

Under the name of their book (Quran), our cities were flattened
Our people were victims of genocide, gassed and harassed

I don't need religion to burn my people and homeland
Our kind men don't need to be brain-washed by the Quran

Go back, where you came from, creatures! Before Islam
Go back to the Arab Sahara of your original land

Leave the Holy Land of Midisim and Zoroastrianism
Don't forget your book, take it back to the men of Islam

A proud nation, we have got our own book, older than yours, Holy Avesta
Pick up a lesson from the (Holly Tree) of Christmas and Easter

Copyright © 30/7/2006 Dana Kadir دانا به‌رزنجی Sydney/Australia

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